A New Toy (Pentax Q7)

Last year I finally bought a decent camera. Over the past three/four years I’ve got by using a cheap point and shoot Nikon Coolpix. The last decent camera I can remember buying was a Pentax ME Super SLR back in 1995 and before that I had an Olympus OM10 SLR for three years and that’s my total camera history. Well, I did trade my Olympus OM10 for a 1938 Leica camera in a market in Moscow in 1999, only to find out it was a fake. It has been used as objet d’ art on the mantelpiece ever since. My decision to buy a new camera was influenced by a Japanese student who was doing a homestay with us last summer. One morning after breakfast, I noticed a dinky, little Pentax camera complete with an interchangeable lens placed on the kitchen table. What a cool camera, I thought and quickly made a note of the model (Pentax Q7).

The Pentax Q DSLR series came out a few years ago (the world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens digital camera-Wikipedia ) and retail at about $399/£260. However, our student informed me that in Tokyo they can be bought for about £140 and unbelievably they are available in 120 colour combinations! She was dead right too on both accounts.

Pentax Q7

So, after buying a black and yellow one in Tokyo last October, sad to say it has been practically in its box ever since. The past three and a half months have been rudely interrupted by work.

So today I decided to go on a shoot and test out this new toy. The thing I don’t enjoy when being faced with a new piece of technology (software, interface, gadget etc) is the getting-to-know you stage which chews up a hell of a lot of time, often frustrating with low productivity. Though the camera manual is very self-explanatory, the camera very user-friendly and I covered quite a lot of the various functions in a short space of time. The built-in editing tools are very nifty! As the the shoot, I decided that rather than experiment with functions such as HDR capture, the various digital filters, finishing tones and shadow correction etc. I thought it would be a good idea to boringly set the camera on auto, get my eye in and simply shoot away.

Our apartment is filled with retro industrial design and artefacts dating back to the 30s. Due to the abundance of such objects, worn, weathered, aged textures and surfaces are clearly visible everywhere. I must have taken between 40/50 shots. The shoot began in our bedroom, then into the children’s bedroom, down the hallway and finally into the lounge, omitting kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Below are 12 selected photographs from this mornings interior shoot:








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