January 2015 Activity Summary

Posts 10


Naked (Mike Leigh 1993)

Nil by Mouth (Gary Oldman 1997)

Gangster No.1 (Paul McGuigan 2000)

Career Girls (Mike Leigh 1997)

Funny Games (Michael Haneke 2007)

The Machinist (Brad Anderson 2004)

Straw Dogs (Sam Peckinpah 1971)

Horror Hotel (John Llewellyn Moxey 1960)

 BBC Documentaries

Hells Angels (1973), The summer of Rave-1989, The summer of 1976


Digital Art-Christiane Paul


A lot more in the way of production this month. Just having the time to actually ‘do’ something has lifted my spirits.

Animation Work: After my tutorial I decided to make radical alterations with the animation desgn. It was pointed out that I should consider line in more detail. In the past few weeks I have been experimenting with line thickness (solid, hairline etc) and as a result, the drawings have more depth and the animation is looking more dynamic by appearance. However, my only foreseeable problem is that due to the time I am spending on the roto work, the idea of constructing an installation might have to be shelved.

Sound: Now that I have been introduced to the sound application Audacity, I indulge more with sound experimentations but basically getting to know the interface. I hope I have more opportunity to ask the Dr about areas of sound in the February workshop. On the plus side, my work college, Jonny has agreed to collaborate and this week he posted me a selection of lounge music wav files via ‘Dropbox’.




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