Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney (2)

Yesterday’s tutorial gave me the chance to discuss areas of my project in detail and future intentions. Also, I could express my concerns about study time management. Since September coping with study and work has been challenging and at times stressful so I felt it important to voice my concerns. Prior to the meeting, I had mapped out a rough research and experimentation study plan. Below are details of future study plans as well as tutorial commentary:

Rotoscoping: We looked at some of my test animations since October. I’ve been mainly working on background, composition and colour. It was pointed out that in order to create a more three-dimensional effect, I could consider line and tone in more detail. Jonathan illustrated his point with examples from Julian Opie’s Blur portraits and Joseph Pierce’s use of line and tone from his award winning animation, The Pub (2012).

Installation: I hope to continue making maquettes for installation ideas. This time, to construct a post- modernistic model bathroom set with references from modernism designs from various eras.

Photography: I intend to create a series of photographic stills which look at how lighting, shadows and colour can transform everyday objects and change their overall identity into images which convey dark overtones and anxiety. Sound: An area I’d like to become more informed and further experimentations. Now, being back in the UK, I’ll have the opportunity to seek knowledge and advice from Dr Ed Kelly.

Contextual Research: Interiors used in horror films. From selected horror films in different eras. Analysis of how fear and tension can be created through props, lighting, shadow and colour.  An interview with the award winning animated film maker, Joseph Pierce. Highly audacious I know, but if possible I’d really like the chance to get some insight as to how a roto artist goes about their approach and technique when working on a project.  Essays- Issues in digital film: ‘Synthespian’  Sidney Eve Matrix & Lisa Bode.

Exhibitions– Disobedient Objects at the V&A  in London this weekend





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