Superimposing & Performativity (2015)

After being inspired by Jeff Scher’s experimental animations, I thought it best to start working before the desire ends up an after-thought.  I chose five animations to experiment with, four with human actions (playing the piano, putting on make-up, sitting down/ standing up and an exaggerated walk). All the footage I shot myself over the past few years. My work colleagues come in handy. The non-action animation involves passengers on a train in Tokyo. Incidentally, my original project proposal, only five months ago, was to make a film about the Tokyo Underground. My, how things have changed! After selecting the animations, I began layering and experimented with the visuals. It was a very stimulating process. I aimed to keep a continuous rhythm, movement coming into shot then morphing or fading out. Some of the animations were filmed on a small screen size which meant I could consider juxtaposition in more clarity. Paying homage to Jeff Scher’s White Out (2007), the viewer is exposed to vast spaces of white screen, heightening the graphic representation and making the composition more identifiable, that is what I was aiming for here.  The experimental film is finally finished off with classic 80s synth-pop. Early electronica music- Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- Electricity.


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