December 2014 Activity Summary

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Digital Art-Christiane Paul

Scholarly Essays:

From Shadow Citizens to Teflon Stars: Reception of the Transfiguring Effects of New Moving Image Technologies-Lisa Bode

All aboard The Polar Express: A ‘Playful’ Change of Address in the Computer-Generated Blockbuster-Jessica Aldred

American Pop Frankenstein? Andy Warhol, Iconic Experience and the Advent of the Pop Society-Steve Sherwood


The City of the Dead (John Moxey, 1960)

Repulsion (Roman Polanski, 1965)

The Ring (Gore Verbinski, 2002)

 Animated Artwork Below:

Data: Test 4: Psycho Shower Scene (16 seconds),  Music To Watch The Girls Go By-Bob Crewe Generation, Sound bite: Electric Stab, 16 Seconds, 192 drawings

Frame 141 (below) Colour Test: Black Figure, Coloured Shower

Frame 141 (Black Figure)

A very busy December so little activity on my blog. Teaching and writing reports took up practically the first three weeks. However, in between, I’ve managed to do quite a bit of reading and this month, I’d like to post more contextual research posts in order to keep my project looking more focused (i.e. give more consideration to the questions in Project Proposal 1:1).

The animation artwork is coming along smoothly and I’m up to 192 drawings (16 seconds). Getting the preliminary ‘base’ drawings done a.s.a.p. is my aim, therefore I would devote more time experimenting with figure shade and tone and possibly re-design the background.

Re meeting- Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet my friend (Set Designer) from Melbourne due to her extensive residency work program in other parts of Japan. However, I hope to experiment more with the set designs next week.

My collaboration with a sound designer has moved on and we have discussed a few more ideas for sound bites and audio intro though nothing conclusive yet. That’s about it really.

Happy New Year!

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