November 2014 Activity Summary

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The Language Of New Media-Lev Manovich, Digital Art-Christiane Paul, Horror!- Kim Newman & James Marriot

Scholarly Essays:

Double Take: Rotoscoping and the processing of performance- Kim Louise Walden

‘Grave Robbing’ or ‘Career Comeback’? On the Digital Resurrection of Dead Screen Stars- Lisa Bode

Romancing the Rotoscope: Self-Reflexivity and the Reality Effect in the Animations of Jeff Scher-Steve Fore

‘We’re Okay with Fake’: Cybercinematography and the Spectre of Virtual Actors in S1MONE- Sidney Eve Matrix


Reputations: Alfred Hitchcock

Howard Goodall’s Twentieth Century Greats: Bernard Herrmann

Dario Argento- An Eye for Horror


The Spiral Staircase (Robert Siodmak, 1945)

Night of the Living Dead (George Romero, 1968)

Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, 1978)


Skype Discussions (2, Project Presentation, Tuesday, November 4)

Animation work: After editing the footage, then designing the scene, the rotoscoping process is under away. There will be 1069 frames to draw. So far, 150 frames have been drawn in sketch form. Preferably, I’d like to finish the drawings as soon as possible then experiment more with colour, shade and toning techniques.

Sound: As mentioned in   Italian 1960s Lounge Music , there could be a possible collaboration with a sound engineer. I’m hoping that there will be a chemistry between us as I’m interested to learn more about the audio side of this project.

Most of December I’ll be working (they don’t celebrate Christmas in Japan), though I hope to meet up with a friend who will be working in Tokyo on an artist in residence program. She is a set designer in Melbourne. I’m thinking about setting up our meeting as an interview, though my voice recorder still hasn’t arrived from the UK yet! Other than that, I hope to get to a few exhibitions in Tokyo, experiment more with set maquettes, rotoscope and keep reading as much as I can.



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