October 2014 Activity Summary

Exhibitions & Museums

‘Kirishin’ exhibition by Nobuyoshi Araki

Posts in October 13


Reading: The Language Of New Media-Lev Manovich, Horror! Kim Newman & James Marriot

Skype Discussions =3

Blog assistance from Sir Pete Mansell

Animation work: A few test drawings for animation, film editing and planning, colour designs. Would seriously like to do a lot more work in this area.

Questionnaire: I received the last one earlier this week. I set a November 1st deadline. Now I can start compiling the qualitative data. I was very pleased with the overall response. From the 40 I posted out in September, I received 28. Cracking replies too! It has given me a lot of new ideas for my project.

My productivity has seriously slowed down over the past 3 weeks and unfortunately this trend will continue until mid-December. Transforming from language teacher to practicing artist has been very demanding and at times quite stressful. I find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on reading study books or essays by scholarly articles when commuting to work. My thoughts are generally channeled to my working day; mentally lesson planning and considering classroom strategies for challenging groups. This is a usual process for teachers in any capacity. And when I commuting from work, that is when I reflect on my working day. Strategy: I’ve found that my cognitive skills are a lot  stronger when reading with a relaxed state of mind in the evenings is the solution.

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