Manovich suggests the merging and even reversing of De Certeau’s categories of ‘strategy’ and ‘tactic’, do you agree with this point? Is there a democraticing of media or is it still in the hands of ‘big business’

I have to agree with Manovich’s suggestion about the reversing of De Certeau’s theory regarding strategies and tactics. In the past the ‘strategy’ was the wheel and the ‘tactics’ were merely the cogs in that wheel (or generaters of the wheel). However, now as we have left Web 2.0 and are in the social media age, the business (SNS= strategy) gives access for the user (tactic) to customize their account and become a ‘strategy’ within a ‘strategy’ . Therefore, the ‘tactic’ is able to be creative and given freedom of speech without being surpressed by the strategy. Though I’m not saying that the ‘strategy’ are the supressors. The ‘strategy’ can promote or provide the user with specific skills etc. A classic example, are the tools that I’m using for my project (Adobe Software). If I was prevented from using Adobe, I’d have to come up with a different strategy (no pun intended!) Therefore this means that the ‘tactic” is still a subordinate of the ‘strategy’

After reading De Certeau and Manovich’s theories about the historical context, In a biblical context, David and golieth and in a literary context George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Does the mappability of web 2.0 structures mean that De Certeau’s categories are now irrelevant however you answer the question above?

No, not at all. Everything roots from somewhere, doesn’t it? De Certeau’s might be dated but it still has historical qualities and can be used as a reference which is basically what we’re doing now. The rate that technology is going, Manovich’s theories will become ‘old hat’ but it will, like De Cadeau’s hypothisis morph into a new trend. For example, augmented reality.

What do you make of Manovich’s statement, ‘ it is only a matter of time before constant broadcasting of one’s live becomes as common as email’?

It’s common knowledge that due to SNS our lives are now broadcast for anyone to see. But no authority is demanding that we must be a user of FB, Youtube or Flickr etc, I suppose that many feel they don’t want appear ignorant to social trends so those people reluctantly comply. However, it’s incredible how much negativity surrounds the mainstream sites , yet everyone seems to be on them! Is it peer pressure, being left out in conversation, the voyeuristic element or have we simply become an attention seeking society? I think ‘how’ we use SNS sites is important to observe. For example, I don’t use a phone/email address book anymore, it’s morphed into Facebook.


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