Omtosando (Tokyo): The Art of Designer Shop Fronts

Sunday, October 12th

I arrived at the Rat Hole gallery in Omotosando at 10:00 a.m. , only to find out that the gallery opens at 12:00. Rather than hang about in a cafe for a few hours, I thought this would be a good opportunity to go on a photo shoot around the Omotosando neighborhood. Omotosando is a mecca for high fashion designer clothes and accessories.

1/ Educate Yourself

Here, you will find the latest garments from designers such as Issey Miyake, Miu Miu, Prada etc. The area encompasses an urban cool, power and chic aesthetic. However, I found these architectural structures all a bit overbearing though it was  very absorbing watching the designer clad Tokyoites strutting around the Omotosando `catwalk`



After walking through a few streets, I was amazed by the large expanses of glass used by each shop to display their goods; I was impressed too by the innovative shop displays. The Prada building being a noticeable example and visually stunning. As I looked through the glass, the mannequins and goods became distorted; losing their representation . An attractive concept to entice the consumer? I thought so, and I gained some visual ideas for my own project .


3/ Moncler

Just round the corner, Educate Yourself, employed a telephone box-looking structure display detached from the shop.Interesting. Other familiar themes involved using graffiti, retro designs, industrial settings and the use of historical characters (samurai)  in a sporting context. Funny! Overall, it was a well-spent few hours and the shoot has encouraged me to do more shop fronts in unfamiliar neighborhoods around Tokyo.


4/ Once Upon A Time
5/ Miu Miu
6/ Dress Camp
7/ Jill Sander

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