September 2014 Activity Summary


Exhibitions & Museums

Henri Matisse Museum- Nice, The Remarkable Compendium of Curiosities-Eastbourne,

The Digital Revolution-London

Lectures at Camberwell

Artistic Practice as Research- Jo Love, Research Practice -Jonathan Kearney

Camberwell Symposiums

Project Proposal Briefings- Jonathan Kearney, How to use blogs-Jonathan Kearney, Discussion and introductions with Dr Ed Kelly


Reading: Digital Art/The Language Of New Media, Skype Discussion with Pete Mansell, Devising Fear/Horror/Terror Questionnaire, Online Discussion, Tuesday, September 23rd, my thoughts and notes

*There are quite a few areas (above) that I would have liked to comment about more in depth in individual posts. For example, exhibitions, rotoscope work, online discussions, reading material etc. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog.

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