Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney ( 1)

TUTORIAL DATE: October, 7th 2014

Below is a brief overview documenting yesterday’s tutorial. I have used the first four points from Project Proposal Structure as the following points were talked about in detail during the 30 minute period. The overview finishes with some thoughts about the next steps I should take with my intended project.

Working Title: During the tutorial I discussed my project proposal noting changes since the symposium back in September. As a working title, I am presently considering the question, What causes fear in horror films? As the title is very broad, I will not be limited when researching answers for the question.

Aims and Objectives: I talked about my aims. For example, asking myself topic-related questions such as what makes the characters frightening? and what are the aspects in the film that cause fear and anxiety? (lighting, sound, shadow, colour and objects) Again, to find out the answers of these questions I will need to begin analyzing the horror film genre from the early silent movies and their origins to modern day. Again, as there is such a wealth of material, I will need to consider strategies in order to make my research concise. For example, documenting important changes in horror genre, selecting notable films per decade etc. The questionnaire which was given out last month will assist me with qualitative data.

Context: Again, I’ve maped out areas of investigations such as Interior design in post-war horror film sets, Expressionistic horror films (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari), Animated horror (J-horror), The use of iconography in Modern Art. As this is such an extensive area, I’ll look at artists in various mediums that have used iconography in their work. Possibilities include: A. Warhol (Visual), V Westwood (Textiles),R. Swallow (Sculpture), J Read (Graphic Design) and Brett Easton Ellis (literature)

Methodology: I’ll be rotoscoping, drawing, taking photographs and recently considered set designing which will project the body of work. Whether this will work, I’m unsure but the idea excites me and I want to be audacious when experimenting with visual ideas. More importantly, I hope to use the blog continuously as to record all my thoughts, triumphs and beautiful disasters during the practice and experimenting process.

Future steps: I scratched my head when we got to this part of the tutorial and the clock was against me (4 mins) too. However, Jonathan offered my some practical advice which I will thankfully take on board. I plan to start experimenting by building small Maquettes from materials such as wood, absorbent paper towels and masking tape. Hopefully these constructions will give me ideas when considering scale, colour schemes, sound, visual impact etc. So, in the next few days, my blog should be filled up with odd, wonderful -looking images.

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