Maquette No 1 (Part 2)

9 Shower Rear Elevation with Curtain.jpg
Shower with curtain: (Rear view)

The length of the shower curtain was a bit short as you can see; the size information IS written on the packet. Consider next time. I chose the multi size pink polka-dot design for a few reasons. 1/ I wanted something retro, a bit like the anatomical designs in the 50s. 2/ Staying with the eerie theme, I though the design gave the look of infection, disease or blood splats even. Perfect, I thought.

I considered using wire hair pins for the shower curtain holders. However, as I couldn’t find any, I abandoned the idea. Drawing pins worked perfectly well.  I had problems fixing the aluminium cup to the upper surface of the polystyrene. As you can see, it looks a bit skeewiff. Something to think about for a future maquette.  Finally, I fixed the metal net over the monitor screen. Hopefully, I can get some interesting visuals when I’m rotoscoping tomorrow. Incidentally, can you see The Language of New Media and Digital Art propping up the shower? I knew those books would be useful!

Shower with curtain: Front view
Shower with curtain: Front view
Metal Net on Monitor
Shower Room Maquette in front of the Monitor
Shower Room Maquette on Monitor: Side view

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