Maquette No 1 (Part 1)

Materials n Tools 1: 6 A4 Polystyrene Boards, Scissors, 1 Craft Knife and 268 Aluminium Cups
Materials n Tools 2: Steel Ruler, Masking Tape, 60 Chopsticks and a Polka Dot Table Cloth
3 Tools (3).jpg
Materials n Tools 3: 2 Metal Interior Nets an 1 Vinyl Window Decoration Sheet

This morning I considered the tools and materials for making the maquettes. However, when I got to the nearby 100 Yen (57p) shop, I discovered more interesting materials such as polystyrene, vinyl and aluminium so I ended up getting all sorts of materials and functional objects that I could experiment with. Bar the pair of scissors, the total cost for the tools and materials came to, 1,080 yen which is roughly £6 quid…bargain!

I measured the monitor which gave me a rough idea when cutting the polystyrene boards. Fortunately, the boards are A4 so I didn’t need to spend a lot of time cutting and measuring. I wish I had my voice recorder with me, the acoustics in my apartment when cutting and breaking the polystyrene were absorbing. I purposely didn’t work to music like I usually do. As a result, I could think about new ideas while I was cutting, sticking, measuring.

Left: Base with drawn plug hole Right: Upper surface with dotted aluminium Cup improvising as a shower head
Shower: Front view

I liked the eerie aesthetic of the polystyrene. I was considering marking in square tiles, glad I went against the idea now though the orange masking tape spoilt the effect and bugged me so much that before uploading the photo, I digitally wiped it out using extreme contrast.

7 Shower Rear Elevation.jpg
Shower: Rear view

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