Jason Murray grew up in the UK living in the South-east and South-west of England.  After taking a foundation course at Westcliffe College, Weston-Super-Mare, he obtained a BA (Hons) in Graphics from The University of the West of England  , Bristol in 1997.  


In 1999, looking for a new direction in life, he moved to Japan. He continues his art-making practice while working at universities in Tokyo and Saitama. His visual diaries   maintain a dialogue with his art practice. Exploring aspects of Japanese culture, its social history and geography predominantly occupy his practice. His most recent and on-going project,  Once Useful which began in 2016 , explores abandoned, uninhabited, derelict Japanese and British architecture.

1999年、人生の新たな方向性を模索し、日本に移住。彼は東京と埼玉の大学で働きながら、彼の芸術制作の練習を続けています。彼の視覚日記は彼の芸術活動との対話を維持しています。日本文化の側面を探求し、その社会史と地理は主に彼の実践を占めています。 2016年に始まった彼の最新かつ進行中のプロジェクト、Once Usefulは、放棄された、無人の、遺棄された日本とイギリスの建築を探求しています。

Drawings are his preferred medium. As he states, ‘purely for its immediacy and simplicity’  The drawing element is a central component to his rotoscoping projects (a technique used in the animation process). Through rotoscoping, influences in music, pop culture and Expressionism are woven into the narrative sculpting commonly personal vignettes.


In 2014 and he took an MA course in Fine Art Digital at the University of Arts, London, Camberwell specializing in rotoscope animation and sound. During the course he exhibited rotoscoped projects at the RAUM Gallery in London. The exhibition was a landmark occasion as it was the first time he had publicly exhibited in almost 20 years.

Asked how he feels about his practice and the MA course, in his own words, ‘I’ve always quietly gone about my practice over the years. It is, and always has been purely a therapy thing for me. I felt the MA course gave me more direction and focus. I could experiment combining tradition methods with digital tools and find inspiration from other like-minded artists.  The MA also gave him the opportunity to gain the position as an adjunct professor of Art, teaching 2-Dimensional Design at a university in Tokyo.  


彼自身の言葉で、彼の練習と修士課程についてどのように感じているかを尋ねられました。「私は何年にもわたって静かに練習を続けてきました。それは、そして常に私にとって純粋に治療的なものでした。 MAコースは私にもっと方向性と焦点を与えてくれたと感じました。伝統的な方法とデジタルツールを組み合わせて実験し、志を同じくする他のアーティストからインスピレーションを得ることができました。修士号はまた、東京の大学で2次元デザインを教え、芸術の非常勤教授としての地位を獲得する機会を彼に与えました。

His other interests include cricket, indie music, Mike Leigh films,  cyclogeography , 1970s British Public Information Films and writing. Writing in the form of family memoirs, he’s been fortunate to have had a few publications in The Guardian .



The following video Once Useful: Exploring Saitama’s Rural Relics documents his explorations during the time spent living in Saitama, Japan (2016-18). The video also gives insight into how he goes about his practice:


Homework’ (2016) is a vignette of domestic family life in the form of a rotoscoped animation. A father and daughter collaboration. The animation explores movement, expression, adolescent behaviour and playful performativity. The soundtrack, a rendition of a famous pop song, is performed by his daughter.



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